Where Are You PROSTITUTING Yourself!

Last week I spoke at an event for Conscious Leaders on the theme of love.  I shared one of my Past Life Regressions which was instrumental in healing incurable ovarian cancer.

I was transported back to a past life in the 1900’s in England.  I was an attractive young woman with three young children.  Tragically, my husband had died and I had no option but to turn to prostitution for the survival of my children and myself.

I felt trapped, was angry that this was my demise and believing I had no other option, totally helpless.

In the Past Life Regression I used a technique called inside/outside.  This is where the perpetrator (my client) was invited to step inside my body so that he could energetically feel what I felt at that time.  The anger, sadness, shame and helplessness.

Then it was my turn to step inside his body to feel what was going on for him.  Immediately my chest contracted creating intense pain in my heart.  I realised that he was in a lot more pain than I was.

He was prostituting himself just as much as I was, if not more because he had choices.  Being a wealthy man he felt pressured into marrying the “right” woman from the “right” family.  Love never came into the equation.  It was all a facade.

His so called friends were also of the same social standing.  Yes, they too were wealthy businessmen but they were all just using one another to elevate their status.  In fact, underneath their “friendships” was deep competitiveness.  It was a dog eat dog existence and I came to understand that my client felt extremely lonely and was not able to experience love.  His whole life was a lie.

This realisation allowed me to forgive my clients in that lifetime and more importantly to forgive myself.

The purpose of Past Life Regression is to discover what unhealed trauma from that lifetime was still playing out in this lifetime.  Where was I not being true to myself? And why?

The question I asked the audience was

Where are YOU (whether male or female) prostituting yourself?

Where do you feel your survival depends on betraying your soul and inner being?

Your work?

Your relationships?

Now more than ever it is time to listen to our inner voice as to where we are out of alignment in our lives.

NOW is the time to take back your power!

Where do you give away your power to others?

Your government, your health provider, your parents, your partner, your children, your friends or your boss?

YOU are a sovereign being, and as such, owe it to yourself to align with your soul and do what is RIGHT for YOU!


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