The More We Heal The More We Can “See” For Others!

The world is being flooded with light right now and consequently so is your body.  What happens when your body is flooded with light?  The shadow or dark doesn’t like it and so those dark aspects of yourself become more obvious.

It is like when you walk into a dark room with a torch and then the light from the torch grows you become more aware of where it is dark rather than where it is light.

This has been happening for me lately and over the past few days I have undertaken some deep healing work both on an ancestral level and a pastlife level.

I had been eating a lot (and not always the “right” food), I had put on weight and intellectually I knew I should stop but I just couldn’t help myself.  I kept saying, “I will start cutting down tomorrow”.  I was also feeling very lethargic.

I was unaware that I was holding a deep seated belief that there wasn’t going to be enough food and I would starve.  The collective energy of what is going on in the world at the moment and the possibility of food shortages had brought this ancestral belief to the surface.  Even though I did not fear running out of food on a conscious level my body, because of past beliefs in my family, was still holding on to this belief.

My grandfather was out of work for 3 years during the depression and had no assistance from the Government.  Imagine if all of a sudden your family had no income for 3 years!  It doesn’t bear thinking about.

When I did the healing around this and let it go I felt a great sense of relief.  Then the following day I undertook another powerful meditation.  A few years back I had visited Mary Magdalene’s grotto just out of St Baume, in Southern France.  It was the most wonderful experience and the energy was palpable.  So much love and peace.

In my meditation I was taken back to this experience and “saw”  where Mary Magdalene had been accused of being a prostitute, which wasn’t at all true.  As I connected with Mary Magdalene’s energy I was able to let go of what other people thought or believed and come back to a place of love.  This is what Mary Magdalene portrayed – LOVE – and with this LOVE she was a powerful healer in her own right.  The tears streamed down my face as my body experienced another feeling of letting go and relief.

I have so much more energy and fell 100% better after doing this deep work.

And this is why I am working on an online programme at the moment to assist Intuitives.  As an intuitive when you work with your own energy system and blockages it will open up the path for you to “see” more for yourself and others.

If this programme interests you please reach out so that you will be sure to receive the details.


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