Surrender to Hasten Healing!

Surrendering to what is, any emotion and the divine will hasten your healing.

Recently I had a client who was upset when her counsellor suggested she made plans for her young children (she was a solo mum) as her prognosis was not good.  She was angry and afraid because she felt her counsellor thought she would not heal.

This played on her mind and she could not move past it.  Her energy was being expended and fear and worry were her constant companion.

I encouraged her to look at this differently.  Her fear was real at this point in time and ignoring it would only suppress it, and suppressing emotions takes energy and eventually leads to dis-ease.  By putting in plans for the worst case scenario it is not being defeated and believing that this will eventuate.  When we take out an insurance policy we do not believe that we are going to need it but it gives us peace of mind which in turn makes us feel good.  Feeling good aids healing.

Once my client worked out a plan she felt a great sense of relief and then began to focus on what she needed to do to heal.

She surrendered to what is!

She surrendered to the emotion!

And then she surrendered to the divine to lead her to her next step to heal!

In our Living Your Best Life Group Coaching we explore exactly what is going on for each participant and what they can do to get them into that place of feeling good to promote healing.

This is not only for people going through cancer but anyone who wants to be part of a supportive healing group.

Here is a testimonial from one of our participants.  Beautiful Cynthia had Stage 4 Breast Cancer diagnosed in March 2020.  She attended all the Living Your Best Life Group Coaching we offered last year and in February 2021 we received this message from her.

“Hello amazing lady, how are you?

I have some very special amazing news to share.   I have received my scan results and they confirm I am in remission, my beautiful bones have even gone back to normal.  What an incredible healing journey, and much more to come I am sure.

Thank you so much for your love, support and encouragement.  Without you and Justine (who co-facilitates with me) and all the amazing ladies I have come together with over this past year who have helped immensely in my healing I don’t even know what would have happened.

So freaking miraculous.  It’s been 3 days of WOW I pulled it off!!!! I always knew I would, just no idea how it would unfold.

It goes to show surrounding yourself with amazing radical remissions and positive stories really have had an impact.  It really helped me believe I could be one of these too.

So much love to you.”

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  1. Karen Morgan
    3 hours ago

    What a wonderful outcome, I really believe that when I completed an on line course with you last year it was amazing.
    It helped me in my journey and I still reflect on what we accomplished. I would really love to connect again, and share my journey and support others in anyway I can
    Live your work and support

    1. Jenny Kennedy Author
      2 hours ago

      Thank you very much for commenting Karen. I am so pleased to hear you benefited from the online course last year and we loved having you with us as part of an amazing supportive healing group. I would love to connect with you again too and will private message you.


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