Signs that Self-Love is Becoming More Evident!

Many of you know that I was a chronic giver and people pleaser to the detriment of my own self and health. This is one of the lessons I am learning in this life-time (and also no co-incidence that the fixation of my personality type is The Giver).

I am consciously choosing to heal this aspect of myself so that I can give because I want and am able to and not from a place of feeling obliged to or feeling loved and needed because of giving. We are all looking for love and the 9 different personality types have 9 different ways of seeking that love. My personality type can GIVE to GET; meaning I can give to feel needed, or on a very unconscious level believe that no one else can console, offer support or do things for others like I can.

Understanding my personality type was a big wake up call as I was then able to become aware and step back, allow others to walk their own paths and not feel like I had to rescue them AND the big one – learn to ASK FOR HELP.

Christmas has always been an opportunity for me to put my awareness into action.

The tell tale sign can show up in the effect something has on our energies.

In Christmases gone by, as much as I loved having everyone around, afterwards I have felt exhausted and it can take me a couple of weeks to regain my energy.

This Christmas I was very determined to be aware of these patterns and vigilantly monitor my behaviour and energy at all times. I am thrilled to say I asked people to help (even though it felt uncomfortable to do so at times) and I even allowed others to take over at times and give to me.

The crazy thing was it was easy – nobody minded and everybody still loves me. The hardest part was me speaking up and asking for help.

And, of course, the best part was my energy levels remained high throughout.

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  1. Brian G
    3 hours ago

    I have many times been in similar exhausting situations running myself dry of energy which easily triggers off other problems – worries, anxiety, depression and loneliness. Keen to learn more methods for prevention.

    1. Jenny Kennedy Author
      3 hours ago

      Dear Brian, I am sorry to learn that you experience times where you run yourself dry of energy. Please contact me if I can offer you some support. Much love.


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