Before booking any appointment please read the Client Agreement below.

Intuitive Healing

Jenny is intuitively guided as to what needs to take place for you during your Intuitive Healing. She will be able to uncover the negative beliefs and emotions that are stored on an “other than conscious” level and release and change them for you.  Jenny’s knowledge and insight are compassionately conveyed to bring about healing at a cellular level.

Jenny has worked with people who are in physical or emotional pain or who are suffering from stress. She has worked with professional sports people who are wanting to reach their full potential and also business people and their staff to enable businesses to grow. There are limitless reasons as to why people come to her for healing.
Intuitive Healings can take place in person, by phone, email or skype.

Led to the Root Cause

Let me take you on a powerful journey to access the root cause of the challenge you are facing right now!

Through guided meditation my guides and your guides will come together to allow you to uncover exactly what you need to know, whether it is in this lifetime or a past lifetime.  You will be able to heal yourself from past karma, release emotional trauma and move forward with wisdom and insight, allowing your body to heal automatically, of its own accord.

The Journey

The Journey is a method of healing developed by mind/body expert Brandon Bays, which she used to heal herself from a basketball sized tumour in her uterus in just six weeks. See

Jenny trained with Brandon Bays and is a qualified Journey Practitioner. She will gently guide you to access the blockages you are holding that are stopping you from experiencing amazing health, wealth and/or relationships. A Journey usually takes between 1½-2 hours for adults and one hour for children.

Group Healings

The Healing Journey Technique is just as effective when used with groups. Jenny will intuitively be guided as to what the consciousness of the group requires and everyone receives healing simultaneously.

Public Speaking

Jenny is available for public speaking where she will share her story of healing to bring hope and inspiration to others.  Please contact Jenny for further information.

Email me at to book a 15 minute COMPLIMENTARY session so that together we can find out what you need right now.


Client Agreement:

Before you work with me please make sure you understand my policies.  Your acceptance of an appointment acts as your agreement with the following:

1.  Please schedule mindfully, there are no refunds for sessions or classes once purchased.  This includes missed or cancelled appointments.

2.  If you are paying by internet banking I require your payment at least 48 hours before your scheduled session time in order to hold your appointment so as not to disadvantage someone else who is waiting.

3.  My work is spiritual and intuitive.  It is not a substitute for medical, legal, financial or other specific advice.  If you need this kind of assistance please contact the appropriate professional.

4.  Any of these therapies are NOT designed to take you away from your own individual healing programme (whether orthodox or alternative). They are meant to enhance and support your own chosen path to wellness. There are as many paths as there are people. In the field of healing there are no guarantees.

If you have a medical condition it is advisable to see your own GP. A qualified medical professional can provide a proper diagnoses and suitable treatment. Jenny is not qualified to diagnose or give medical advice.

New Zealand Fees

One hour intuitive healing   $NZ120.00
Kick Start Your Healing   $NZ297.00
Led to the Root Cause   $NZ180.00
VIP Package   $NZ1297.00
Journey Process   $NZ180.00
HEAL-U Online Course $NZ197.00

Australia Fees

As above in Australian Dollars into my Australian bank account.