Medical Evidence of Emotions Affecting Cancer


At the beginning of 2016 I had a routine check up with my gynaecologist.  Following my physical examination where everything appeared to be normal he suggested I get a CA125 blood test done.  A CA125 is the cancer marker for ovarian cancer.

I intuitively knew I was well and healthy and going for blood tests or, in fact, being in any medical environment was very traumatising for me after everything I had been through so I made a decision not to have any more blood tests.

The only thing the doctors could offer me if the cancer did return was more chemotherapy to give me a little bit longer and I had chosen to never have chemo again so I didn’t see any point in putting myself through the anxiety of having blood tests carried out.

I explained all of this to my gynaecologist but he replied.

“No, WE really need to have a blood test performed to see where you are at.”

After the third time of me telling him I DID NOT want a blood test he continued to ignore me as he reached over grabbing a laboratory form, filling it out and handing it to me insisting I get a blood test done so WE (meaning he) knew where I was at.

Picking up that form I walked out of his office internally fuming and feeling so disrespected and unheard.

I sat with this form for 2 days debating with myself as to whether I should go get the blood test done or not.  Round and round my mind went, taking up so much time and energy.  Finally I got tired of this internal dialogue and anger I was experiencing and I defiantly thought …….. “I will show you!”  hopped in my car and drove to the lab.  I then put this out of my mind and got on with life.

10 days later whilst I was busy at my desk doing office work the phone rang.  It was my GP.

“Has anyone rung you with your results.” She sked.

After I had replied “No,”  her discomfort was palpable as she uttered “Oh ………………..” and then silence.

After what seemed like eons she continued “I am so sorry to tell you that your cancer markers are very elevated and you will need to see your oncologist as soon as possible.”

I was caught totally off-guard and actually have no idea how the conversation finished.  Five minutes later she rang back and said.

“I am here if you need me, you are welcome to come in and talk whenever you want.”

A few days later when I had come to grips with this devestating news I was sitting in my GP’s room relaying everything that had transpired with my gynaecologist and how overpowered I felt.

Now this was the very first time I had met my GP as we had recently moved cities and I was so grateful that my intuition had guided me to the perfect GP.

Glancing down at my information she said.

“I see what you do.  Why do you think this has happened?”

Through tears of relief and feeling heard and supported I replied.

“Because I haven’t finished my healing yet.”

“Exactly!” she confirmed.

My oncologist heard me when I told him I wouldn’t be commencing chemotherapy straight away, as he advised. However I would be back in 3 months’ time and have another blood test.

Yes, you guessed it!

Three month’s later following more healing and a promise to myself that I would never go against my own better judgement again my cancer markers dropped right down.

My oncologist was flabbergasted and couldn’t explain why this had happened, of course, I knew exactly why and was most grateful to have had this first hand experience to see medical evidence of suppressed emotions affecting my health.

This now poses the question – Are our cancer markers going up and down continuously as we are triggered by events in our lives?

Apparently we all have cancer and when we are healthy and well our immune system can take care of things by naturally detoxing these cancer cells.  So does this mean when we experience trauma or under continuous stress the immune system is no longer able to clear the cancer cells?

I am not a doctor but from my own experience this is my absolute belief.  This is also what Dr Candace Pert a cellular biologist, who wrote Molecules of Emotion, discovered in her research.

Now, I could have taken that laboratory form, walked out of my gynaecologist’s office and thrown it in the rubbish.  However, from my past experiences and condition the beliefs I held at that point of time were:

Men know better than me.

I must do what I am told.

Who am I to disobey someone in power.

Doctor’s know best.


What beliefs do you hold which could be affecting your health?

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  1. Helen
    11 hours ago

    Dearest Jenny,
    I’m about to write a book about my empowerment/female empowerment. A core belief I held was that men know better than me, who am I to disobey someone in power. The little Helen in me still talks to the patriarchal man in a group of several men and women I’m being with. Every time I notice this, I’m forcing myself to take my eyes off the patriarch’s eyes and watch a woman, then I talk to this woman. This has become some sort of a game for me and is getting easier each time 🙂
    Wishing you and your family a warm, gentle and smooth Xmas
    Helen (we’re having lots of snow here in Switzerland, you’d love it)

    1. Jenny Kennedy Author
      12 hours ago

      My dear Helen, I am so thrilled to hear this. Women will gain tremendously from your book. I know exactly what you mean and this is a great “game” to play in order to allow the new beliefs to become integrated. I do hope we get to meet some day. And I can only imagine how beautiful Switzerland is looking in the snow – makes me “homesick”. Many blessings to you and your family at Christmas.

  2. Bonnie
    9 hours ago

    Great article Jenny, and Good For You in knowing in your heart what was best for you. I had a huge health scare a few months ago & it scared the wits out of me because I had just been through the worst time of my life emotionally for other reasons & having serious health issues too was just more than I could bare. You helped me through it & Everything now is 1000% better, including all health concerns. You were very supportive & that was just what I needed.
    May you have the most beautiful Christmas ever!

    1. Jenny Kennedy Author
      6 hours ago

      Dear Bonnie
      I am thrilled to hear that you are now 1000% better, and thank you for your very kind comments. I too wish you and your family a wonderful health and happy Christmas and New Year.


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