Love Is The Only Healer! (Healing Shingles)

Recently I experienced very painful shingles on my face.  There was no hiding it, it was out there for all to see.

I am just like you, always more layers to heal.

Many of us are experiencing heart opening triggers and we can either bypass this opportunity to grow or dive deeply into the pain to clear it once and for all.

Love is the only healer and a power bigger than ourselves already knows this.  This is why we attract experiences to us to help us step into a place of loving ourselves more.  Each person’s opportunities are unique to them.   This power that is bigger than ourselves is continually offering us opportunities to be aware of where we are not loving ourselves and if we don’t embrace these opportunities they will continue to make themselves known to us.

Life is always working FOR YOU.

Whatever you are personally experiencing right now is offering you a pathway to FREEDOM and LOVE.

You may know that recently my son, daughter-in-law and adorable grandson came out to visit us from London.  Knowing that the Universe is always working for me I was very grateful that this path for our family had opened up.

Over 3 months I got to know, enjoy and squish my darling wee grandson.  It was with, what felt like, a broken heart I bid them farewell at the beginning of June.  This grief did not dissipate it continued sitting heavily in my heart and because I pushed it down and didn’t acknowledge it the physical manifestation in my body was shingles.

Using the same technique that I used to heal incurable cancer I asked to be shown the root cause of this unsurmountable grief which I was experiencing.

I was led to a pastlife where I was a very young woman who had become pregnant out of wedlock.  As soon as my baby was born it was whisked away from me and I was never reunited with my baby again that lifetime.  This left a gaping hole of grief in my heart which was never acknowledged.  I was made to feel shame and guilt for having conceived a child out of wedlock and never experienced a safe place to be able to acknowledge and feel the grief in losing this child.  This pain I had experienced in a previous life was being given an opportunity to now be healed.

The manifestation of shingles on my face represented me “loosing face” “not wanting to show my face” “I am ashamed to show my face and be seen”.

The relief I feel from facing this grief head on is palpable and the flow on effect was the shingles healing very quickly, with no lasting nerve damage.  I did go to the doctor who prescribed medication which I only took for 2 days (it was a 7 day prescription) before intuitively knowing I could do this on my own.

How our life unfolds is always our teacher.  Uncovering that pastlife and healing the guilt and shame around being a disgrace and unable to give love to my own child I also realised where I had shutdown to believing I deserve to be loved.

It’s hard.  Being vulnerable and feeling our unhealed wounds is never easy.  However, the rewards once we get to the other side are absolutely worth it.

I invite you to be curious as to WHY you are experiencing whatever life lesson you are going through at the moment.

Where can you OPEN UP to receiving more love.

If you feel I can support you in uncovering this please reach out.


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  1. Bonnie
    4 hours ago

    Dear Jenny, You continue to amaze me with your loving and heartfelt stories and insights. I hope you are able to have many, many more visits with your grandson. I too am experiencing the peeling back of another big layer and you are right, it is not easy but I know it’s the only way out. I am sending you much, much love. Bonnie

    1. Jenny Kennedy Author
      2 hours ago

      Dear Bonnie, thank you for your kind comments. As you say it isn’t easy to peel back those layers but it sure is worth it once through the other side and you have gained the wisdom and healing from it. Much love to you too. x


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