Is Science Starting to Recognise Past Lives?

Science is uncovering what many spiritual seekers have known for eons.  That there is the possibility of past memories, either from past  lives or our ancestors, to be stored in our genes and may affect our behaviour and health.

This was recorded in a recent article I read in Science Daily, American Friends of Tel Aviv University, 20 March 2016.

“According to epigenetics – the study of inheritable changes in gene expression not directly coded in our DNA – our life experiences may be passed on to our children and our children’s children.  Studies on survivors of traumatic events have suggested that exposure to stress may indeed have lasting effects on subsequent generations.”

I believe my healing from “incurable” cancer took place when I was “Led to the Root Cause” during a meditation and gently guided back to a past life when I lived in Switzerland.  A scene began unfolding for me and the sensations, smells, sounds, feelings and sights where palpable, it was as if it was real and happening right here, right now in this very moment.  Terror engulfed me as the irons that shackled my legs and wrists kept me from escaping the dungeon I was held captive in, and to make matters worse the shame and responsibility I felt for my three understudies that were tethered alongside me wracked me with guilt .  I was also a healer in that lifetime during the 15th century but the authorities referred to me as a witch and I had been teaching my craft to these understudies.  A recent disaster meant that the Government went on a “witch hunt” to find someone to blame for this natural disaster.  That someone was me, and the punishment  that was metered out was for me to  watch my understudies be burnt at the stake before it was then my turn.

What I learnt from that revelation not only healed me physically from cancer, I believe, but also healed many aspects of my life which has since enabled me to live a life of joy and happiness and fulfill my life’s purpose.    I saw how I had carried guilt and shame through into this lifetime around trauma’s I had experienced in this lifetime which were beyond my control however I had an innate belief that I must have done something wrong …… somehow I was to blame.  And this understanding and new belief that I WAS INNOCENT was life changing. The dates, names of places and information that I uncovered was later verified in my research.  It was truly mind bogling and mind changing.

Can pastlives and past memories ever be proved?  Well it looks like science and the study of epigenetics is starting to open up to this possibility.

I find in my private practice that the most profound and often instantaneous healings come for uncovering the past lives where the originating trauma was experienced.  Kind of like the domino effect, when we are “Led to the Root Cause” the subsequent healing takes place.

On a side note when I lived in Switzerland, in this lifetime, I was an au pair for a family who have become my life long friends and recently the mother shared with me that for the first 3 years of her life she felt as if she had been born into the wrong family.  Once she learned to speak she kept telling her mother and father that they weren’t her real parents.  Interesting!

I could share many stories of how uncovering past lives have changed my clients’ lives and always find it fascinating what comes up when I am the witness to a regression.

If you feel like the answer to a challenge you are facing may lie in a past life it is possible to uncover this on your own.  Simply “ask” to be shown what it is you need to know and stay open to what you uncover in your meditations and also during your daily life.

I was sharing my past life story during a radio talk recently and afterwards a women, coincidentally – or not, from Switzerland sent me an email telling me that my story had triggered something for her and when she heard it she experienced an outpouring of emotion;  she felt like she had been there with me.

Notice where you may have an affinity to an era or country or even a particular story or movie.  It could well be triggering a past event or trauma that needs healing!



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  1. Bonnie
    2 hours ago

    Hello Jenny,
    I found your recent blog regarding past life regressions very interesting. I guess these horrific past life experiences are not all that uncommon as life used to be so much more brutal.
    You & I had a telephone session last summer when I revealed to you some of the difficulties I have had with very unusual & quite bazaar family experiences that have affected my life significantly. I have come a long, long way in my healing journey over the past several years, and have received the most profound guidance in the form of sudden revelations, astonishing & very helpful dreams and other insights.. I also received a waking visual visitation from my mother that was full of very intense remorse, & another one from my grandfather that was the most touching & loving scene you could imagine – he went back & changed history in an astonishing & beautiful way. Thank you Grandfather. However, the truth of my childhood was so intensely painful to me that I had stuffed all of the emotions & been in complete denial that my family would intentionally treat me that way. I had always made excuses for them.
    When we talked last summer, you did a mini-regression over the phone and saw a scene that had occurred between my oldest sister & myself. We were riding horses (which made sense because she has always had horses), and she was asking me to do something that I was afraid to do, but did it anyway to satisfy her & ended up being killed in a fall because of it.
    Well recently I was led in another regression where I had a clear vision of myself as a man this time, living in medieval England (my family history is English). I was transported to a scene with my family in our home. My father was a king (!) or some sort of a nobleman because he was wearing a crown. We were living in a big stone castle, and my family was the same family that I have now. We were in a large dining room with my mother & three siblings sitting at the table. I had just entered and my lovely father came toward me in joyful greeting with my mother & siblings scowling & hateful at the table.
    The next scene was showing the last day of my life being executed by hanging – I think because of some sort of betrayal of my siblings who were insanely jealous because I was going to inherit more than they. I had the feeling that I was the nice guy & they were quite the opposite.
    In this lifetime, I have been severely traumatized by my narcissistic mother & 3 siblings. I didn’t understand any of it & could only assume it must all be my fault. It was easier to believe that then to try & comprehend what was really going on – (whatever that was).
    The point of my story is that it seems to me that I have come to this lifetime to clear and release a lot of old karma from several lifetimes. The last regression showed me that it is imperative that I break these old ancestral programs of letting my family run over the top of me time after time.
    I gave my power to them for my entire life just to try & get along. I finally woke up several years ago and I’ve been on a roller-coaster ride emotionally ever since trying to heal myself, purging a lifetime of stuffed fear & grief that I had been unloved by my family.
    Several years ago I had a beautiful life with a beautiful man that lasted for over 20 years. The only problem was that neither one of us was capable of real intimacy – which was working actually because our life was so full of so much adventure we didn’t have time to think about it. Until we did, or rather I did. There was a time bomb ticking in me that I was unaware of at the time, but was causing me to feel very restless & unsatisfied.
    The last few years my life has been painful & hard & I’m really ready to have this part be over!
    I hope this last regression helps bring more closure.
    I appreciate you Jenny.
    Much love,

    1. Jenny Kennedy Author
      2 hours ago

      Dear Bonnie,
      I too hope that this last regression helps you bring more closure. I find past life regression very powerful and, in fact, when I uncovered a past life where the cancer had originated not only did I clear the karma I had brought through in this life time but I also became aware of why I developed cancer and how it was all part of my life’s purpose. It may sound like a cliche, but I am so very grateful to everything that has transpired in my life to enable me to uncover and heal and now live the most magical life. Blessings to you Bonnie and may you also find the answers to your healing. Much love, Jenny X


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