Intention Setting to Live Your Best Life

Creating JOY and PASSION in your life is the fastest way to Live Your Best Life.  It is also one of the fastest ways to promote healing.

Begin by setting your intention and then be open to receiving your soul’s guidance (through your intuition) to follow the path that leads to your highest potential.

Below I share how one of the participants of Justine Laidlaw and my latest Living Your Best Life Group Coaching Programme put this into practice and what she created for herself.

“I just wanted to thank you so much for another awesome 6 weeks.  I really get so much out of our sessions and I believe that I am healed because of them.

I have always known that I can heal myself, but you have helped me navigate how to channel that and have given me techniques and tools to use when doubt and fear start creeping in.  You have reminded me to be excited about my future and to live my best life.

On our previous course, you put it to me that I should ask the Universe for a sign when I needed guidance.  I was so confused and found it almost impossible to make decisions back then.  I really didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life beyond caring for my family.  That very afternoon after that session I began to see overwhelming signs that flowers were my future.  It made me excited.  A day or so later I plucked up the courage to directly ask the Universe for a sign that being a flower farmer was the right path for me.  I was at the beach and looking out to the ocean,  I was envisioning that I would open my eyes and see dolphins but there were none and I felt a little bit deflated, but still I knew it was right for me.  I then remembered that Jenny said the sign is not always instant.

The next day I went back to the beach and there was much hype in the car park.  I heard “Did you see them” and “How cool is that”.  I wondered what the fuss was about and walked down the path to the beach to find a dozen huge dolphins playing in the waves and amongst the surfers.  They were so close to shore.  They were spectacular.  People gathered to watch them.  To make sure I got the message loud and clear the dolphins stayed there for the next two days doing the same thing.

I have just got my scan results back.  My scan was a few days ago so it’s been a little bit of a wait.  In the past, that would have meant a couple of sleepless nights but I slept soundly both nights.  If I would suddenly remember throughout the day that I hadn’t heard anything, I would feel a twang of nerves in my stomach and then remember to use the tools and the nerves would go away because I knew everything was fine.  I had it confirmed, what I already knew to be true, that all signs of cancer have disappeared completely (“that a scan could pick up anyway”,  was the typical added downside from my oncologist, even though she is actually awesome).  Although I am still receiving conventional treatments, I believe my self healing is the reason.  My oncologist has never seen this happen in my clinical situation with breast cancer before.

I believe there is only one explanation!”


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  1. Deborah Hallam
    7 hours ago

    What a beautiful success story! Oh Jenny, I think there are things I can learn from you in 2022!

    1. Jenny Kennedy Author
      3 hours ago

      Thank you Deb. I love sharing what I have learnt.

  2. Carolyn Rogers
    6 mins ago

    Amazing story, our bodies are so incredible. Give then what they need and they will heal.

    1. Jenny Kennedy Author
      3 hours ago

      They sure are. If we listen carefully to our bodies they always have the answer.


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