HALT Ovarian Cancer Before It Even Begins!

There are many wonderful cancer societies out there offering support and informing people on the symptoms to look out for,  however, my aim is to educate people before it gets to that stage.

In my own experience of healing “incurable” ovarian cancer it was through exploring the patterns and beliefs that created this dis-ease in my body where healing took place.

Ovaries are where we create life, right?

However, how well do you create your own life?

In my journey of discovery I became aware that anger had been stored in my ovaries for a very long time.  This anger festered and eventually grew so that I would become aware that something was out of alignment with who I really was.  In ayurvedic medicine the word cancer isn’t even recognised.  They believe that the body has simply become misaligned with the soul.

How true that was for me!

You see, I was a people pleaser.  To such an extent that I didn’t even know what I wanted and, even worse, I wasn’t even aware that I was angry.  That is how suppressed the emotion of anger was for me.  It has been a wonderful journey reconnecting with my soul and learning to ask myself ….. “What is right for me, what do I want?”  Not in a selfish way, as that is coming from fear, but in a loving way.  And most importantly ………. learning to say NO!

When we take back our power and live our lives by doing what is right for US we begin to believe in ourselves.  We become more creative, more joyous and more sensual.  Literally truly living.

I am continually checking in with myself and asking the question, “What do I need right now?”  When I ask myself “If I was my own best friend what would I do for me?” this completely changes my perspective.  I was far kinder to my friends than I ever was to me.  I would never have spoken to my friends the way I used to speak to myself.

NOT any more!

I am now loving myself a whole lot more than I used to (not completely there yet though).

So come on ladies let’s nip this cancer thing in the bud.

Let’s learn to love ourselves and teach our daughters and granddaughters by example.

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  1. Bonnie
    3 hours ago

    Thank you so much for this Jenny. I found it very interesting that anger gets stored in our ovaries. I feel very fortunate that the abdominal pain I was experiencing last summer was caused by fibroid tumors behaving badly & not cancer. I have been releasing emotional pain from old trauma for the last few years, and finally feel like I’m getting somewhere with that. I was a people pleaser too & it feels so good to be aware & free from that behavior. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the fibroids disappeared!!
    Peace & blessings to you!

    1. Jenny Kennedy Author
      2 hours ago

      I am also very pleased to hear that the pain you were experiencing was from fibroids rather than cancer and that you are releasing the stored emotion from old trauma and feel like you are getting somewhere. Well done you! There certainly is the possibility of the fibroids disappearing and I know of women who have done that through emotional clearing. However, even if a women has to have them surgically removed I still believe that this is part of the “clearing process” and with the work that she is doing she can step forward in her life with a clean slate, so to speak. Taking the new beliefs and healing with her and living her life fearlessly from a place of loving herself. Blessings to you Bonnie.

  2. Lisa
    8 hours ago

    Thank you for writing this. <3

    1. Jenny Kennedy Author
      2 hours ago

      My pleasure Lisa.


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