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This is a one and a half hour event where Justine Laidlaw, who healed aggressive colon cancer without chemotherapy and I share our stories and speak on the 9 key factors of Radical Remission.

Justine and I are passionate about teaching people that there are other options to explore on their healing journey from cancer to wellness. These options are all scientifically based.

Together we teach the 10 key factors from Dr Kelly Turner’s research. Dr Turner is a New York Times bestselling author and wrote the book RADICAL REMISSION – Surviving Cancer Against All Odds. All these 10 factors played a huge part in both Jenny and Justine’s success with healing cancer.

Thousands of people have overcome cancer against tremendous odds however their stories are too often kept quiet. Dr Turner, with a grant from the American Cancer Society, travelled the world studying 1500 cases of radical remission – people who had a complete reversal of a serious or terminal cancer diagnosis. Of all these cases that she studied she discovered that there were 10 common factors.

Justine is a certified Radical Remission Teacher and I have studied many healing modalities and have been working professionally in this field since 2002.

There are options for increasing your immune system that are integrative and simple. You DO NOT have to lack any quality of life or fall ill to do these important lifestyle changes. However, to have options – you MUST know what they are.

Online Webinar Thursday 22 October 6.30 pm (NZT) $NZ15.00

Two Cancer Survivors – Surviving Cancer Against All Odds – Webinar

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