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This is an intimate event I hold regularly where you will uncover what is holding you back from experiencing Radical Self Love.

When we love ourselves fully it shows up as our life being truly abundant in all areas; health, wealth and relationships. If you feel dis-satisfied or feel something is lacking then I would love you to join us in this intimate, nurturing space to be supported back to who you really are.

I have studied many modalities including The Journey and Theta Healing and these modalities, together with my intuitive abilities will be used to guide you through a meditation to access past memories where you closed down your ability to love yourself fully. Through sharing we will support one another to uncover beliefs and vows that no longer serve us so that we can live our lives to our fullest potential. In these intimate groups it becomes evident that we are all one another’s teachers and many ah ha moments take place.


Next Radical Self Love will be held in Mount Maunganui,
Monday, 14 December 1 pm to 2.30 pm

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 Jenny Kenndy

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