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Are you ready to experience a miracle?

I offer a heart-centered online space (via zoom) for a small group of souls who want to consciously create their existence from a place of love.

As we come together every week for 4 weeks for one hour we will learn, grow, support each other, laugh and be intuitively guided to connect with our soul’s essence.

Some things we will experience:

* Sharing (our challenges and gains)
* Intuitive Healing
* Guided meditation
* Angel card readings

Here is what some of our previous participants had to say:

“Wow! It is amazing how we all seem so different yet at some level we are going through the same things.”

“It was wonderful to learn that I am not the only one feeling this way.”

“I loved having a safe forum where I could share and receive healing at such an affordable price.”

Investment: $90 for 4 hours of learning and healing

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 Jenny Kenndy

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