Developing Your Intuition using Oracle Cards – Online Course

Do you want to develop your intuitive gifts to help heal yourself and others?

Your intuitive gifts, a natural part of who you have always been, can become your greatest contribution to personal and collective healing.

Imagine being confident in using your intuition to enable your life and the lives of others to flow effortlessly.  Or, imagine integrating your intuitive healing into your existing body of work – as a practitioner, coach or therapist or as a stand alone healing practice.

You will first need to refine your natural gifts so you can truly thrive as a healer and an expression of the divine.

It’s time to activate and deepen your calling – and it begins by embarking on deeper personal healing of your own, along with deep consciousness and energy healing work.

Becoming a skilled guide for healing requires learning where and how your body is sensing and intuiting information.

The world needs your gifts more than ever.  Your profound act of service can help shift consciousness at an energetic level.

As you engage in this essential work your heart will open – clearing the way for your intuitive gifts and soul’s purpose to unfold.

As you work with your own energy system and blockages it will open up the path for you to “see” more for yourself and others.

You will begin to remember what you already know.

This 6 week programme is for a small group of people who want to develop their intuition using oracle cards.  Each session will be 75 – 90 minutes. We will begin by undergoing a pastlife regression to help you remember your gifts and then each week we will build those gifts as we read the cards for one another and offer healing for each other and the group as a whole.

You do not need to supply your own oracle cards.

All meetings are via zoom and will be recorded for viewing for up to one week after the session.

Cost. $295.00

To register please deposit $295 into

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