Intuitive Healing

An Intuitive Healing involves Jenny asking you what you are wanting to achieve from the healing and then looking at the blocks that have been formed stopping you from creating your desired outcome. As Jenny and you are talking Jenny is clearing the blocked energy and you may feel some tingling, a little emotion or sometimes slight tensing in the body as these energetic blocks are released. Throughout our lives we encounter events where we suppress emotion and this suppressed emotion is what creates these energetic blocks. As we suppress emotion we also take on a belief about ourselves and Jenny looks at these beliefs that have been created on a subconscious level. These beliefs are then changed for much healthier beliefs to help you going forward; whether that is on an emotional, physical, mental or spiritual level. Jenny likens this process to defraging a computer (the body being the computer) so that it runs more smoothly. Jeny’s knowledge and insight are compassionately conveyed to bring about healing at a cellular level.

Jenny has worked with people who are in physical or emotional pain or who are suffering from stress. She has worked with professional sports people who are wanting to reach their full potential and also business people and their staff to enable businesses to grow. There are limitless reasons as to why people come to her for healing.
Intuitive Healings can take place in person, by phone, email or skype.

An Intuitive Healing takes approximately one hour for an investment of $NZ140.00


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