Is Science Starting to Recognise Past Lives?

Science is uncovering what many spiritual seekers have known for eons.  That there is the possibility of past memories, either from past  lives or our ancestors, to be stored in our genes and may affect our behaviour and health. This was recorded in a recent article I read in Science Daily, American Friends of Tel Aviv University, 20 March 2016. “According

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HALT Ovarian Cancer Before It Even Begins!

There are many wonderful cancer societies out there offering support and informing people on the symptoms to look out for,  however, my aim is to educate people before it gets to that stage. In my own experience of healing “incurable” ovarian cancer it was through exploring the patterns and beliefs that created this dis-ease in my body where healing took place.

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A Child’s Instantaneous Healing

This is too valuable not to share. I was “shown” a simple technique for healing during my recovery from “incurable” cancer which I recently taught to my client Belinda Bennetts who is a Life Coach and Author of Fear to Love – An Inner Journey Home based in the UK She used this technique with her daughter and it

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